Inspire 2020:

Inspire 2020 is a corporate focused conference run by The Event Tribe. 

Being based in Scotland ourselves, part of our aim is to see the businesses based here flourish and grow to their full potential. Our research has shown that Scottish businesses are looking to drive change, chase new company goals, re-motivate teams and increase performance levels. Therefore, to help them achieve this, we have created Inspire 2020.


Inspire 2020 is the first event of its kind in Scotland. It is an inspirational and motivational event, taking place on 10th January 2020 in The Oran Mor, Glasgow. 


The purpose of this event is to help encourage, inspire and motivate all business people for the year ahead. From entrepreneurs to marketers, sales teams to self-improvers this event is for everyone. It will change mindsets, help others learn from new ideas and techniques, bring energy and inspiration to organisations and help business owners invest in their employees. Inspire 2020 will give attendees a fresh vision for the year ahead. 


The event is exclusive and will have 250 delegates attending, including some of Scotland’s entrepreneurs and representation from some of Scotland’s largest businesses.


Tickets for the events cost between £150 - £250 each and will be on sale soon. 

Speakers coming soon! 

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